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Угроза судом за неуплату слота на ebay

Детали вопроса: Вы не могли бы мне посодействовать. Дело в том, что мне вчера пришло письмо из Германии, я живу в Армении, содержащий опасность со стороны юриста, от лица торговца интернет-магазина Ebay. В нем говорилось, что за неуплату слота, куда входили несколько продуктов, на меня будет построено уголовное дело и я должна срочно оплатить как продукты, так и услуги данной юридической канторы. Пожалуйста порекомендуйте, что мне делать и чем это угрожает, я была просто в шоке лицезрев, что сумма уже выросла с 50 евро до 230 евро.Вот содержание письмаUrgent notice forОт кого: mediafinanz InkassogesellschaftКому:6 января, 22:27Dear Mr./Mrs.As we have repeatedly informed you via letter and email already, the company HAC24 GmbH has assigned us with the collection of an outstanding payment. Our client sold you the following goods by prepayment on 24 Oct 2013:- U.A: 1xKAISERHOFF Edelstahl Design Besteck Set, 24-teilig Essbesteck | Besteck 1xDREAMS Edelstahl Design Luxus Besteck Set, 30-teilig Essbesteck | Besteck3 1xKAISERHOFF 3-teiliges Keramik Pfannenset mit Aluminium Korpus | Keramikpfannen 1xKAI...For this service, you owe a sum amounting to EUR168.95. Unfortunately, as yet you have not responded to any of the payment requests. Now, for the last time, we ask you to pay the outstanding amount plus the accrued default costs immediately in order to avoid additional costs.The total claim which you must settle consists of the following:our client\'s basic claim: EUR168.95our client\'s dunning costs, to date: EUR5.00pre-court debt collection charges gem. § 4 Abs. 5 RDGEG i.V.m. Nr. 2300 VV RVG: EUR45.00pre-court debt collection expenses gem. § 4 Abs. 5 RDGEG i.V.m. Nr. 7002 VV RVG: EUR9.00---------------------------------------------------------Total amount still outstanding (dated: 6 Jan 2014): EUR227.95The asserted claim amounting to EUR227.95 is to be transferred to our bank account indicated below within the next 3 days indicating the file number 280224288.After the expiration of this deadline we will have the claim assigned to us and initiate a judicial collection procedure according to §§ 688 ff. ZPO (Civil Process Order) in which considerable court and attorney costs will accrue and, if necessary, also enforcement costs for the bailiff.Furthermore, with the execution of judicial enforcement proceedings, you risk the registration in the official list of debtors which can lead to serious inconveniences for you, for example when ordering goods or when concluding a new mobile phone contract. Therefore, in your own interest, please settle this claim within the set deadline.With kind regardsmediafinanzmediafinanz AGRegistered as a debt collection agencyaccording to § 10 sect. 1 No 1 RDG (File reference: 9 M 13)by the president of the District Court, Osnabrck.------------------------------------------------------------Weie Breite 5D-49084 OsnabrckTelefon: +49 (0)541 2029-173Telefax: +49 (0)541 2029-183E-Mail: team3@mediafinanz.deInternet: www.mediafinanz.deVorstand: Mathias Berg, Nadin WstmannAufsichtsrat: Dr. Alexander Ey (Vorsitzender),Matthias Folkers, Dr. Arndt SundermannSitz der Gesellschaft: OsnabrckAmtsgericht Osnabrck HRB 202161Tax number: 66/208/10083Bank account:----------------------------------------------------------mediafinanz AGAccount number: 246447Bank code: 26550105Sparkasse OsnabrckSwift / BIC-Code: NOLADE22IBAN: DE50 2655 0105 0000 2464 47Please specify AZ 280224288 as the reason for payment!A further important note:If we do not receive payment within the next days, or receive any other reply to this email, we will, in addition, technically check whether the personal details, which we have on hand, are in line with the email address used here. We will investigate, in this way, whether the order was made fraudulently or under a false name.The mediafinanz AG was admitted as a dept collection company by the Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates Court Osnabrck.----------------------------------------DISCLAIMER-----------------------------------------This message contains confidential information and is intended exclusively for the addressee. Usage by third parties is forbidden. The company is not responsible for the correct, complete or undelayed delivery of this message. Conventional emails are not protected from access by third parties. We assume, therefore, no liability for the integrity of emails. These remarks also apply for future messages.

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